Hypnobirthing and Postnatal Wellbeing

Pregnancy is a time of great joy and excitement, but it can also bring a range of physical and emotional challenges. 

Hypnobirthing is a method of preparation for labour and birth that helps to reduce fear and anxiety and to equip women with the tools to cope with the birthing process. 

It encourages relaxation and a positive attitude towards childbirth and can help to reduce the risk of complications such as hypertension and premature labour. It can also provide support and comfort during morning sickness and other physical symptoms, as well as helping to improve bonding with the baby. 

Postnatal care and wellbeing are also important aspects of hypnobirthing, as it can help to support new mothers to look after their own physical and emotional health during the recovery period. Breast feeding can also be encouraged and supported through hypnobirthing.

Example Session Content based on a 4 session Course

Morning sickness, hypertension (high blood pressure), bonding with baby, anticipated premature labour, preparation for labour and birth (including the role of the uterus, the role of the autonomic nervous system, and the stages of labour), language, education, exercise and nutrition, fear, and special circumstances (such as pausing labour and breech birth) post-natal progress (including baby blues, care and well-being). Techniques and tools such as initial assessment, time distortion, fear release, breathing techniques for labour and birth, self-hypnosis, visualization, pain management, comfort measures, and self-care can also be taught.