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Tranquil spaces can help people feel calm and relaxed in cities

In the hustle and bustle of city living, finding peace and tranquillity can be a daunting task. However, extensive research has revealed a hidden oasis within the side roads of urban areas. These green spaces, shielded from the chaos of busy streets by surrounding buildings, offer a remarkable level of tranquillity. Additionally, pedestrianised squares adorned with grass and trees have proven to be serene havens, as they provide a safe distance from the clamour of traffic.

Moreover, well-maintained side streets, particularly those adorned with majestic avenues of trees or historic buildings, boast both visually appealing attributes and minimal traffic noise, resulting in a high tranquillity score. Furthermore, the proximity to water has been proven to enhance tranquillity, as the soothing sight and sound of water naturally relaxes the mind. To amplify tranquillity in any given area, the initial step is to reduce man-made noise. On a city-wide scale, this can be achieved through strategic traffic rerouting, lorry bans, low-noise road surfacing, and the implementation of noise barriers. However, on a personal level, any effort to minimize unnatural noise is beneficial. Erecting taller and longer fences and walls alongside roads can significantly contribute to this endeavor. Additionally, creating a small, secluded area with a natural-sounding water feature nearby can greatly enhance tranquillity.

Furthermore, increasing the presence of natural elements through "greening" initiatives can effectively boost tranquillity. The introduction of more trees, shrubs, and trellising to conceal building facades not only reduces stress levels but also creates a serene atmosphere. Embrace the abundance of greenery and let it flourish. 

Incorporating "natural" sounds into a space can also contribute to its tranquillity. Consider installing a water feature or pond, which not only promotes relaxation but also attracts water fowl and birds, adding to the overall serenity. These findings demonstrate that creating a refuge from the cacophony of city life does not have to be an overwhelming task. Often, neglected green spaces can be transformed into tranquil sanctuaries. 

In conclusion, if you yearn for tranquillity amidst the chaos of city living, seek out the hidden gems of green spaces on side roads, pedestrianised squares, and well-maintained streets. Embrace the power of nature by incorporating more trees and greenery, while also minimizing man-made noise. By doing so, you can create your own haven of tranquillity, a sanctuary from the urban clamor.

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